About Pug Patrol Rescue

Pug Patrol Rescue Australia | www.pugoween.com.au

PPRA was established in early 2017, with the founding team having worked together in pug rescue for many years prior. PPRA have dedicated teams in NSW including ACT, South Australia and South East QLD. PPRA’s mission is to rescue pugs and other brachycephalic breeds from abuse, neglect and exploitative breeding.

They have brought together an experienced team of foster carers, veterinarians and administrators who are committed to providing the best care for their rescues.  This is a costly endeavour both financially and emotionally for all involved with PPRA.

Some important stats from the NSW branch from the last 3 years:

148 pugs came into care
139 pugs were rehomed
Assisted 19 families to rehome their pugs
$295,198.10 in expenses including vet bills